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Hello There.

I have been a SSBFC member for quite some time. i got hacked with my old account so that's why this account looks really new. anyways i players in many tournaments in smash and also tried new things such as playing pokken off and on.

Anyways! my name is connor, i live in portland,oregon and i love it here. i made a lot of new friends on here and some that i don't really like. I have been a geek/nerd for almost my whole life. i played the N64 and the WII with my brothers for while. i got a GBA device from my brother and then got started with Pokemon Fire Red. anyways my brothers got me started with smash bros for the WII and i loved playing it. my favorite character in BRAWL was Snake!

I'm only 13 and tend to fuck up a lot. i have 3 brothers (which one disowned my mother) and 2 sisters (that aren't from my mom). i have a lot of stress but i try to be happy at times,

My dream job is to be a Pro WWE Wrestler. yea i know people are going to think this is a joke but it isn't. i watches wrestling for almost 10 years the first EP i watched was with the undertaker (my favorite wrestler til this day) my family was poor so i couldn't get any of the PPV's back then. i do love Enzo and Big Cass there good on the mic and they roast so many people.

My mains in SSB4 have changed a lot because i kinda didn't play smash for the past couple months but now i'm starting up again. i have been playing with Marth,Greeninja and link. i am not that good in Smash at all but i'm trying to get good

If you need anyone to talk too you can talk too me i'm on here 24/7 and i always will talk to people.
"My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can't teach that! And this right here, this is Big Cass and he's 7 foot tall and you can't teach that! And this right here, this is Carmella and she's hot as hell and you can't teach that! Bada boom! Realest guys in the room! How ya doin!" - "There's only one word to describe you and I'm gonna.... SPELL it out for you! S-A-W-F-T.... Sawft!"

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Connor Cassidy?
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Chill as fuck, which is odd, check your FB.
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Yo what up MagVolts?
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Did you make a new Skype or something?
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