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[02-17-2014 12:00 AM]
Happy birthday (>^ _^)>
[08-22-2012 11:00 PM]
sure if you can afford a blog
[07-15-2012 11:00 PM]
oh sorry liljay i saw you in the chat room but you left and the people in the chat were sad because you were participating in the tourny (at least that was my guess) and I brawled with somebody else. Don't worry tho. I added your fc to my roster and I will probably run into you online sometime Smile
[07-14-2012 11:00 PM]
are you online now? wanna brawl?
[07-11-2012 11:00 PM]
Hi! I see you are friends with TheTrueToonLink and he's friends with me. Maybe we could brawl sometime? I could add you to my friend roster if you want. And I like your profile music lol!
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