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1st: Dreamz
3rd: 107
5th: SB
5th: Zokomah
7th: galindo
7th: Lee
Mmm Nubcake Tournament #1

The Skinny:
Game: Super Smash Bros for Wii U
Type: Singles
Span: Ongoing (Thread)

Mon September 07, 2015 2:00am (Local Time)
Mon September 07, 2015 7:00am (GMT)

- 3 stock, best of 3, 8:00 timer
- No customs
- Wifi Disconnection: resume the match at the same stock and percent
- Winner get 3 stage bans before loser counterpicks, and then winner announces character


The first "Mmm Nubcake" Tournament for Smash 4!
NOTE: To participate in this tournament you must:
1. Not have placed first in any tournament on this site (including weekly RR's, but excluding crew)
2. Not have placed top 3 in any tournament on this site (excluding weekly RR's)
3. Any tournament after 8/25/15 does not apply to these rules.

*Also note that participation rules and prizes are subject to change with the amount of participants.

-Double Elimination Bracket
-Seeded to a degree

1st: 1500 bux
2nd: 1000 bux
3rd: 500 bux


Entry Cost: (bux) None
T-Bux Awarded: No
Seed Type: None

Status: Finished
Results: Complete

Recent Discussion
This tournament is finally over hot damn.
Managed to play with Whitefire tonight.

He won the first set 3-1.

I managed to redeem myself Set 2 3-1.

Great games to Whitefire and all I played throughout this tourney!
I won against 107 2-1. Just gotta play Dreamz now and this can finally be over.

Update: I did that.

Reset the bracket 3-1 against Dreamz
Then lost 1-3 after that

*We played 3/5 cause why not.
Okay, no problem!

Dchand4 Wrote:
Could I join please? Thanks in advance!

Judging by using fc, I assume your 3ds player, so even if it wasn't starting yet, I doubt you could join, unless I'm mistaken and you also play wii u.