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The montage that Critter was planning would be really beneficial, but who knows how far along that is in the process or if it will even happen. I know I have sent him a few replays, and I'm sure a few others have as well. Maybe we could nudge him along a little bit, or maybe somebody else that is skilled in video editing could take the reigns. The problem with singular matches is that the internet has become so inundated with them that nobody really watches them anymore unless they are a set from a well established tournament like Xanadu.

I have often considered that an online tournament that is similar to offline tournaments with a prize pool would be cool, but then I think that people might not want to put money down on something that they may be janked out of due to wifi. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to try. It would require everybody to have a paypal or something of the sort, but I guess in this day and age that might not be too much of a problem. And of course, this would have to be live.

Brendon made a great point about posting in general. It's how I contribute most to this site, and if everybody did it, even with the limited amount of people that we currently have, the site would be infinitely better. Now of course, this doesn't mean that you should be shit-posting in serious discussion all the time, but occasionally is alright. Make quality comments and threads. It's not even that hard to make a quality comment: just don't be a tard-nugget.

We never win anymore. Reddit is killing us in discussions, we're losing millions of members to Anther's smash ladder and For Glory is devaluing the ease to find a match that it's impossible to compete with. Belive me, SSBFC we're gonna start winning again. I've had smash pros like Void tell me that our tournament plan is the best. Out of all of the other smash websites on the internet, we're going to have the most quality members. Believe me.

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This sounds like socialism and I do not like it but I hope SSBFC is okay

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Let me let you all know what the best part of this site was. It was a close knit community that actually played smash together. I've been going on chat everyday and have not been able to play a single game.

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You have been finding matches on Discord, so it seems like this problem is being amended.

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haha wow look at all this activity haha

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Need more Tourneys on weekends. instead of weekdays where people have school or work.

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NotTristann Wrote:
I've been going on chat everyday and have not been able to play a single game.


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We gotts ta get moe rap battle up in here niggas.

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Even though this thread is a dupe I think I'll just delete my thread and be a part of this one. Enel explained this much better than I did and regardless of whether the thread is a dupe doesn't matter considering that the goal of both threads are important regardless. Anyways, I would like to join the committee of course, I will and have always want the best for this site!

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Y'all make it seem like nobody has offered prizes before. Look how that turned out.

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