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Yes, mained Lucina in 4 for the most part then switched back to wolf when he became available again in ultimate. Lucina isn't even a sub-main of mine anymore.

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Brawl: Fox
Smash4: Puff
Ulti: Puff

I actually wouldn't mind playing Fox now but I know I'm gonna be absolutely horrible with him lol

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Somewhat yes. Though I largely didn't care for smash 4, when I did play it I used a lot of Bowser/Ganon/Kirby and some other random characters. I still use Bowser/Ganon for fun but Kirby's always there as a main (yes I'm aware he is not good).

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Peach main in Brawl, Peach main in Smash 4, and Peach co-main in Ultimate with Zelda. I play both a bit too equally to definitively say I main either.

I had fun with Lucina and Palutena in Smash 4 too, so they got ported over into my Ultimate "roster" as well, especially since they're decent here. But they're not like hard mains or anything. But if Peach and Zelda did not exist, absolutely they would be next in the mains line.

Mouchi Wrote:
Now that bowsers actually a decent character I've dropped him for Ridley. I can only main a low mid tier at best.

The actual answer is that I wanted Ridley in since Brawl and when I tried him out I had a lot of fun playing him. Just switched to ridley main Bowser secondary at the start of ultimate.

As someone I've kept contact with and actually play from time to time, if I'm going to be completely honest, your Bowser is terrifying enough that I would never consider it a secondary. Doesn't feel like a backup option, feels like you can just pick either/or and do work. On some days it's more annoying if not more than the Ridley lmao.

Fox Wrote:
Brawl: Fox
Smash4: Puff
Ulti: Puff

I actually wouldn't mind playing Fox now but I know I'm gonna be absolutely horrible with him lol

Man you always called me the tier whore for liking Peach and Palutena and Lucina. I wish you'd play Fox so I can call you a tier whore for once lol


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Bisdak Wrote:
I didn't understand my playstyle until going to tournaments in Korea, so I have always been changing my main. I like Zoning and trapping because it felt interesting and I could easily auto-play while figuring out my opponent in the first few matches. I mained Ganondorf in Brawl and Sm4sh because I guess I was on my edgy low-tier mindset and didn't care about switching. Now I Main more King Dedede and Corrin since I like trapping/zoning tactics. King Dedede is fun and I enjoy doing things with him to surprise people since there aren't too many King DeDeDes who perform drag-down combos.

If you like zoning, trapping and low tiers, then have I got the geezer for you.

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Nope, Still stuck with the toony boy, still mid, play once every 3 months at whenever I hosted a FG tournament at my university. Fun to watch everyone get miles and miles better lmao.

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