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Italian Falcon
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Aliens have invaded Earth and it's up to SSBFC's finest for protecting the planet (why do I feel impending doom). You get $15 dollars worth for recruiting a team to fight the aliens in a 5v5. This is who you can get for how much (based on their current power)

$5 - Smity, Galindo, Luck7, Italian Falcon, 107
$4 - Pred, Flareneos43, Ikez, Fishbait, Camdenml
$3 - Vibe, DDM, Nemesis1516, Dreamz, VaxtinTheWolf
$2 - Zebrazama, Fox, Sid Still, Bluedanes, Cachinnation
$1 - Marsh, BASEBALLFURIES, Nelly, Grahn, Enel

Who is your team for fighting the aliens with this metric in mind? If I had to pick since I'm not going to fight the aliens I would pick Luck7, Fishbait, DDM, Cachinnation, and Enel. What about you, who is on your team for fighting the aliens?

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(Truth Love & Justice)
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5 vibes easy

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I take myself and I pocket 10 bucks.

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Italian Falcon

All of these people have the heart needed to take on the aliens. Lot of the $2 and $1 picks are a steal.