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For today's question of the day (it's still the same day Eastern time zone so we rolling with it), which piece of media do you wish you could re-experience for the first time. You would lost your knowledge of the media meaning that while you might not have the knowledge you have currently, the magic though you could relive once more. This could be a movie, video game, TV show, comic book, or any media really.

I think I would pick Super Monkey Ball 2. It was just a fun, simple game (at least until you hit the harder levels on Expert and Master haha) and part of my childhood. I would love being able to relive those simple times since I think that game is easily in my Top 5.

What about you, what media would you like to re-experience for the first time?

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I would almost say Persona 5, but I'm really glad that I experienced that franchise when I did and I honestly don't know if it would hit as hard if I experienced it today. I guess I really don't have an answer to this. Maybe Custom Robo, but my memory of it has grown hazy, so I'd like to replay it before giving this as a definitive answer.

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Outer wilds. seriously one of the best first-time experiences of a game I've ever experienced, and I've tried to live vicariously through others experiencing outer wilds for the first time, but I'll never be able to experience anything like that initial playthrough ever again, and no other game (except maybe subnautica) has managed to recapture that feeling again.

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Would it be cheating to say a specific time of an MMO? Because I think I'd definitely enjoy experiencing old MapleStory again for the first time, with how great a community experience that was to me. No other MMO has yet managed to capture my heart quite as dearly as that one used to, though, it also no longer does, itself, either.