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In case you don't know a goodie bag is just a bag/box filled with goodies. It can be anything from food, to merch, to art etc.

I bring up this question as I actually went to an anime convention/Smash tournament today and got the best goodie bag of my life. First off the bag was bigger than the duffel bag I brought to the event which already puts it above most goodie bags (it was in a reusable bag too so that's great because I need more of those) The thing had posters, art prints, a water bottle, fortune cookies, candy, a mini Scizor (each of us got a different Pokemon), LEGOs, a D20, toys and so much more. This wsn't anything special either for 1 person as everyone got one that went to the convention, it was literally insane.

What about you, what's your best goodie bag you ever got?