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Italian Falcon
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You're thrown into a RPG, you can be the protagonist, antagonist, NPC or w/e alignment you feel, but what class you rocking.

Personally I would be a Paladdin or Merchant. Being a paladdin would be fun because wielding a hammer sounds cool, but I also feel I would enjoy being a merchant with access to nearly item imaginable. It'd be funny to go on a quest as a merchant and my gimmick/strength is limited to what I have acquired in my wares.

What about you, what class would you be in the RPG?

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we should also do what class we think the poster above us is

italian falcon is a barbarian because I imagine his fury is as relentless as his questions of the day

I'm a ranger cause rootin tootin damage from range is op

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Vibe's actually a druid

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I normally play tanks or off-tanks, but I think being an electric mage would be the most fun.