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Italian Falcon
(Haters Gonna Hate.)
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When it comes to a tournament or even any event you would like to attend that you haven't already, what would it be? Initially mine was E3 but since E3 is dead at this point I guess EVO would be pretty nice. I probably wouldn't compete since I'm not on the same level in other FGCs than in Smash, but it would be such a cool experience to go watch EVO and explore the area. What about you, what tournament/event would you love to attend?

08-13-2023 09:47 AM #2
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I really want to go to an outside the USA event, like battle of BC, fete, Heir, or smash factor. Haven’t really done that before so it sounds fun

08-23-2023 03:28 AM #3
Sid Still
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I want to go to CEO. One of my dreams is to make it to Top 8 so I can goof off during my walkout and buster out of the tournament. I'll make it come true someday.