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Italian Falcon
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What is a dumb accomplishment you're proud of? When it comes to me a relevant one is winning a Smash tournament without playing a single game.

Back in 2020 I was helping a streamer set up a Smash Ultimate tournament for her community. It was small and nothing crazy, but 1 of the players missed registration. Due to a mixture of this, me having other plans, me already being signed up, and the streamer not being the greatest at Start.gg I just told her to have the person play under me. This player ended up winning the tournament playing under my account which is how I won a Smash tournament on my account without playing a single game (and if you look at some of my stats you'll see a DK pick lol).

What about you, what dumb accomplishment are you proud of?

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I beat 99% of World of Light on Hard mode with NO SPIRITS and NO SKILL TREE! The only battles I never beat were the solo Galeem/Dharkon fights that trigger the bad endings. They were just too long and involved too much RNG thanks them summoning CPU fighters. I ended up taking a break from them and just never returning lol. I did what I set out to do though, beat all the spirit fights and get the true ending, so I'm satisfied.

I'd say that's my most proudest gaming achievement. It was fun! Very frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. One day I'll go through the spirit list and try to do the same there. There's alot of spirits who never appear in the World of Light, so it'll be interesting to take them on spiritless too.

There's also the fact I technically held a world record on one of the Sonic Forces Nintendo Switch Leaderboards for a very brief period of time. (Went to sleep after getting the record, woke up and it was beaten lol)