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What are your pet peeves if you have any? Two of mine is napkin scrunching and styrofoam noises. I don't know why, but the noises of these 2 things trigger me.

What about you, what pet peeves do you have?

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I don't like when people talk while they are chewing food. I don't like the sound of dry hands rubbing together. I have a bunch, but those are definitely the main two that immediately come to mind.

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The sound of people chewing/eating.

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Truck drivers tailgating and going way faster than they need to on the freeway.
Also, when someone calls me Lucky7 instead of Luck7. That just gives me the ick and I will never forget

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I think I have too many, but I'll type out the first three that come to mind:
- Coworkers messaging me saying, "I have a question" and not follow up with the question until I respond (happened today).
- In a two-lane turn, when a driver on the other lane drives into mine.
- When UberEats or Amazon deliveries don't listen to my instructions: "please don't ring doorbell and leave at front door, I'm in a meeting" - they still finger blast my doorbell

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I despise the noise of broom bristles on dry concrete. It drives me insane.

Also people who blast their radio with their windows open while driving. Absolutely no consideration for anyone else.

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Being asked a list of things one at a time. I’d rather someone tell me the 10 things they need from me/need me to do up front than start with one thing and continuously add one more thing until they reach item 10.