Poll: Do you take the million dollars at the risk of spawning the snail assassin described in the thread?

I'll take the million dollars.
I will not take the million dollars.
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05-14-2023 09:54 PM #21
Sid Still
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Fishbait Wrote:

Sid Still Wrote:
All the money in the world wouldn’t be worth the time and effort spent trying to evade it, and the paranoia that it could show up at any moment. You would never have sound sleep again because you wouldn’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to the snail, this snail is your life now. this is all you can worry about because you wont have stress from work because you have all the money and your social life would diminish because most of your time is dedicated to snail-stopping and you dont have a whole lot else to talk about, there is no escape and no petty material goods or whatever else will save you from your demise.

Nah it either gets you or it doesn't, basically a 50/50. No point in worrying. : ^ )

There is no situation where anyone will outrun it, it will get you 0/100

05-15-2023 07:21 PM #22
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Fishbait Wrote:
The other thing I was thinking about is if it kills everything in its path, would it kill the people I care about in order to force me to give myself up? If it's intelligent it would certainly think of this. Then the whole scenario would depend on the snail's morals.

If it's killing a bunch of people, I'm assuming the government or somebody would just kill you instead of the snail.

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