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3! One for BFC and the other two are league servers from my irl friends.

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I should definitely leave like 40 of these lol

If anything I probably only use like 10 of these frequently.

I'm like a digital hoarder.

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(we still tech those!)
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Funny, after joining SSBFC discord a few days ago, I realized all the servers I was in just to kinda be in, probably used em once and never went back, inactive dead, but I was in like 20+ before that!
Now i’m only in a few, like 5. One for this, another for apex, and a few personal servers run by friends.

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6. And it's still too much!

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I am in like 5. 2 Were for games I follow. One is mine, which has a lot of members in there. Also was made for my twitch/youtube/friends. I have many bots that can help make the server fun for many, its also boosted.

Okay I am starting to feel like I am writing a work email.

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