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When it comes to Smash tournaments (or really any game/competition that you dabble in) what set or round do you remember the most?

One recent set I remember is what I dub: The Pacland TOM Doubles Match with Items On High. At this point me and my opponent were just messing around so I tried taking them to Pacland which they only agreed to if we put items on, but this only made me more interested. We had to play on a setup and kick-off 2 players friendlying both named Tom. We decided that instead of kicking them off we let them join as an interference; however, after furhter discussion we decided doubles would be even better. It was the funniest 2-0 I ever experienced and I don't know if Ult can peak for me from here.

But how about you, what tournament set/round sticks out the most for you?