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music [rap mostly, matter of fact i can write raps.. i'm just not the performer type], games[xbox360 & wii -hit me up], and jerkin[the dance -if i can find a team i might start posting some vids on here].. that's prettt much it.. and the profile song is Dumbdouble by Turbo T Double member oF TSST(The Scramblin' Scholar Team), check em out on or just google his name, you'll find em..

about me -well im Afro American and I'm myself 100%, not sure if thats a good or bad thing yet, but I can be a douchebag at times -not even gonna lie, I can be at times.. im here to get back into smash bros to test my might and whatnot if i make friends along the way thats cool too its unlikely tho cus im too beast and my video game swag is out of control(i got too much of it),, I'm not even all that good in brawl im too much of a slacker to get too good at this game.. if you read all of this i'm suprised so umm get yourself a cookie just don't expect me to hand it to ya.. cus i don't have any cookies, ask your friendly neighborhood spiderman.. he knows
sincerely, aka FreshestSlacker(on xboxlive)

[05-25-2014 11:00 PM]
happy birthday (>^ _^)>
[05-25-2013 11:00 PM]
Happy birthday (>^ _^)>
[05-25-2011 11:00 PM]
Happy birthday (>^ _^)>
[07-02-2010 11:00 PM]
Ok. Please stay active on SSBFC, so I can trust you'll be active in my clan. Your tryout will be tomorrow.
Dj PhaTz
[07-01-2010 11:00 PM]
yeah i jam that t double son son lol
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