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I found myself dreaming - which, unfortunately, I remember too many of my dreams so I have this lingering on me now - that today was my last day to live, and so I went on several excursions to spend time with the people that are closest to me. Due to several x factors, I'm not all too surprised to have a dream like this right now, but I digress. I can see myself pretty much doing the same thing in real time - leaving a bunch of goodbyes to the groups of people I've adorned over the years; including BFC, both of my main HS group of friends, fraternity brothers, and, of course, family members. There isn't anything materialistic I'd want to do like going on a shopping spree, impromptu trip to disney world or wanting 1 last sexual experience (lol). I imagine myself pretty much doing the things I feel matter the most.

With that, I'm interested in what you guys can see yourself doing on your last day. No judgement here, as we are all different people who have different morals and backgrounds.

** I apologize if Falcon already already did this discussion topic; frankly I was too lazy to scroll through them all to see. Haha.

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with only 24 hours of life left I'm torn between a politically motivated terrorist attack and doing large dosages of psychedelics

perhaps the latter will gear me up for the former

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Oh cool more questions lol. I don't think I covered this one, but I also haven't double checked.

That would be tough, I would probably say goodbyes like you did and then try to eat all my favorite foods one last time + do 1 last fun event. Not anything super crazy, but one last thing to go out on.

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Realistically, I actually don't know what I'd do with 24 hours. There would be so much I'd want to do if money/travel time wasn't a factor. Technically money wouldn't be a factor, but I wouldn't want to potentially put by debt onto somebody. Anyways, I'd probably say my goodbyes and try do little things with the people I love. I can agree with the last experience though lmao. If travel time wasn't a factor I'd either want to go to Germany, Japan, or the Galapagos Islands and spend my last hours there.

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At this point in my life, i’d probably want my last 24 hours spent with my family. Nothing crazy, just all of us chilling together in the living room one last time.