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Suddenly remembered how obsessed I was with memes back when I was and immature lil something here. I remember sticking one in every chance I got. A part of me wants to remember it a little. What was some of your favorite memes from back in the day? They can be popular or BFC exclusives.

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tbh one there still sticks with me to this day is Ugandan Knuckles. idk what it was but something about that just never fails to get me!

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This is Sparta, Dramatic Chimpmunk/Gopher/Prairie Dog, Over 9000, Hotel Mario/Zelda CDi, Numa Numa, Leeroy Jenkins, all the classics.

For a BFC specific meme/fad, there was a group of us who used the phrase "Hurf Durf" a lot. At some point we started using it as a greeting lol.

They're not quite pre-2017, but honorable mentions to Big Chungus and Amogus

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When I think of 2016, Harambe comes to mind lol.
For favs, I sure do love using pepe to this day

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The success kid ✊