Poll: Be sick and stay home or go to school?

Go to school!!
Stay at home ftw!!!
Meh depends.....
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01-11-2010 04:39 PM #41
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Well a few years ago I'd easily stay at home. But now that I'm in the more important years you can't miss a day especially if you've got a double subject. So I'd go to school but if I had something bad or the day wasn't very important then I'd stay off. But I hardly ever get ill. Last term I got 100% attendance. =P

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windysonic508 Wrote:
id go to skool cus:
1. my two friends in the neighborhood will be in skool so i will be alone
2. there is nothing on tv and its boring at home
3. my skool friends are fun and make skool fun ^_^....until we get work T_T

i forgot one more
5. my neighborhood is not a fun place and i wanna get the hell outa here

This applies to me in every aspect.
Nuff said.

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I would definetly go. I'm the...*cough* procrastinating type. If I miss the deadline, forget it. I've barely been sick ever, so the only way I'm staying home is if all the fluids in my body wanted to exit simultaneously.

01-12-2010 02:38 AM #44
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I guesss I would, if it wasnt such a major sicknesss you know? lol hahaha but I think I would stay home! haha lol Im not weird school is good for you!!! lol

01-12-2010 11:11 AM #45
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I would definitely second windysonic...
School > sickness

1st, school i personally like better because i have nothing to do at home anymore (unless my parents make me study)
2nd, friends
3rd, i'd rather be able to taste my food and go to school rather than having a stuffy nose with no taste :[

03-26-2016 04:09 AM #46
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Back in High/Middle School, stay home sick, play Melee/Brawl, miss a major grade dependant project, make up the lost credits later with a quiz.

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