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Make 250 posts on the forums
Heavy Poster
(250 points)
Make 100 posts on the forums
Proficient Poster
(100 points)
Make 25 posts on the forums
Junior Poster
(25 points)
Make your first post
First Time Poster
(10 points)

Thread Creation
Create 25 quality threads
Savvy Thread Maker
(500 points)
Create 10 quality threads
Adept Thread Maker
(250 points)
Created 5 quality threads
Novice Thread Maker
(100 points)
Create your first quality thread
First Time Thread Maker
(25 points)

Blog Creation
Create 25 blog entries
Chief Blogger
(250 points)
Create 10 blog entries
Growing Blogger
(100 points)
Create 5 blog entries
Amateur Blogger
(50 points)
Create your first blog entry
First Time Blogger
(25 points)
Create your blog
Blog Owner
(10 points)

Blog Commenting
Make 100 comments on other users blogs
Awesome Commenter
(250 points)
Make 50 comments on other users blogs
Nice Commenter
(100 points)
Make 25 comments on other users blogs
(50 points)

Have a reputation of 5+
Great Member
(25 points)
Get your first positive reputation
Good Member
(10 points)

Get your first 5-STAR rating
Quality Thread Maker
(10 points)
Rate your first thread
First Time Rater
(10 points)

Obtain SVIP via the forum shop
SVIP Member
(1000 points)
Obtain VIP via the forum shop
VIP Member
(500 points)

Make thread in Introduce Yourself forum
(20 points)
Set your avatar for the first time
Set That Avatar
(10 points)